Action against Rohingya is not violation of human rights, it’s in national interest: Rajnath Singh

Union Home Shri Rajnath Singh, speaking at the silver jubilee foundation day event of the National Human Rights Commission in New Delhi on Friday said that actions against illegal immigrants should not be interpreted as a violation of human rights.

Citing the recent Supreme Court order for deportation of Rohingya immigrants who had illegally entered the country, the minister noted, “There was no inhuman behaviour towards them. I am happy to note that the Supreme Court’s recent decision was in favour of deportation of seven Rohingyas.”

“I believe there is no place for inhuman actions in the name of strict action. But it is also my firm belief that actions taken in the national and societal interest should not be seen from the viewpoint of human rights violation.”

He argued that human rights should be seen in proper perspective. There exists a section of people who voice their concerns over the human rights of criminals and terrorists. Mr Rajnath questioned this group, “I want to ask when such a criminal/terrorist not only violates the human rights of others but also takes away their right to live, in such a situation how we can raise the issue of human rights of such a criminal/terrorist.”

He added that human rights involve the right to a dignified life for everyone.

The UN human right expert expressed concern over Rohingyas detained in India on charges of irregular entry. “We urge the Government of India to abide by the international norm of non-refoulement and protect the rights of asylum seekers and refugees including Rohingyas.” the expert said. The expert also expressed alarm at the deportation orders of the seven Rohingya men to Myanmar citing refoulement and violation of international law.

The minister asserted that India has never treated anyone inhumanly. He said that human rights are deep-rooted in the traditional ethos of the country.

“In our country, we pray for the welfare of all, wish good for all and desire no harm for anyone. India is the first country in the world to have considered not only human rights but also took care of animal rights. Requirement for a Human Rights Charter was not felt because it is in the basic character of India.”

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