After Wuhan summit, India China military exchanges have grown rapidly: Indian envoy to China

On Tuesday, September 25, 2018, Indian envoy to China, Gautam  Bambawale said that India-China military exchange have grown rapidly after Wuhan summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping. Bambawale was speaking at the fifth dialogue between the Indian Council of World Affairs and the Chinese People’s Institute for foreign affairs.

Gautam Bambawale said, “This is a good development as we cannot solve the issues between us if we are not direct and frank with each other. Strategic communication is important not merely between the top leadership of our countries but also between our diplomats, our military officers and our trade negotiators”.

He said, “After Wuhan, our military exchanges have not merely resumed but grown rapidly. Our military commanders are now talking to each other more frankly and more candidly than ever before”.

During his speech Bambawale invited China to join International Solar Alliance that India launched to expand the use of solar energy by providing technology, finance and expertise. He said, “China itself is a leading player in the development and spread of solar energy. India has invited China to join the International Solar Alliance. We hope China will do so soon”.

Bambawale also announced the plan to launch advertisement campaign for ‘Incredible India’ in the Chinese media to attract more Chinese tourists to visit India. This year only 300,000 Chinese tourists visited India whereas 1.4 million Indian tourists visited China.

He said, “China will soon witness the famous ‘Incredible India’ advertisements on their TV channels, in shopping malls and on city buses”.

Director of Indian Council of World Affairs, TCA Raghavan and Director of the Institute for China Studies, Ashok Kantha were also present in the event. Raghavan was former Indian envoy to Pakistan and Kantha was ex-Indian envoy to China.


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