Amul cooperative model is an alternative to socialism, capitalism: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday while inaugurating various projects worth over Rs 1,100 crore at Anand in central Gujarat during a day-long visit to the state, hailed Amul for providing to the world an alternate model of cooperative economy.

Amul is not just a production company, but a model of economy. It provides the world with an alternative to socialist or capitalist economy – it is a model of cooperative economy.”

PM Modi, while calling Amul an excellent model of empowerment, said that Amul is not only about milk processing, it has become an inspiration world over.

He took the opportunity to credit India’s first home minister, who founded the Kheda Milk Union, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as a pioneer of the co-operative movement. Sardar Patel entered civic politics from Dariapur, winning by 1 vote. He assumed office as the head of the municipality and laid emphasis on urban development, planning and on cooperative housing. Guided by Sardar Patel, Pritam Rai Desai Ji worked on cooperative housing in a big way in Ahmedabad.

“In various parts of the world, at various times we saw what socialism is, we also saw capitalism. But, through Amul Sardar Patel showed another way. Here is a way where neither Government or industrialists call the shots. It is the people who matter. This is a unique model,” he added.

PM Modi called the cooperative movement a stable third alternative to socialism and capitalism.

“Sardar Patel had sown the seeds of this third alternative, where farmers through cooperation will exert control, not government or businessmen,” he said.

Taking a dig at his opponents, he said, “Once world mocked me for promoting camel milk, but today Amul chocolate made out of it is in huge demand”. This will help people rearing camels in deserts.

PM said that his government is focussing on Jan Dhan, Van Dhan and Gobar Dhan. This will help the farmers to grow and prosper.

He also laid focus on the importance of innovation and value addition.

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