An alternative to BJP led alliance will emerge automatically: Chandrababu Naidu

On Thursday, October 4, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu said that an alternative to the BJP led alliance will emerge automatically and being a responsible citizen he will gather all opposition parties to form a front against BJP.

Naidu said that people are not happy with the Modi government and they will choose an alternative. He said that there is no problem even if no PM candidate is declared from the opposition front.

Naidu told PTI in an Interview, “An alternative will emerge automatically. People are angry with the Modi government and they will choose an alternative”.

He said, “I do not visualize any problem if the PM candidate of the opposition front is not decided before the polls. As a responsible citizen, I will work out. Definitely I will play my role as a responsible citizen. We will be instrumental in bringing all parties together who are keen to work in the interest of the nation”.

Naidu said that to form the alternative he met Chief Minister of Karnataka and will discuss with other parties as well.

When Naidu was asked a question, whether he will be in race for Prime Minister post, he said, “I will never go to the Centre. I have never been an aspirant of any post or for any role at the Centre”.

Naidu said that people suffered from policies of BJP government and have a lot of anger against the government. As the election promises have not been delivered.

He said, “The situation has never been so bad. The country is in a miserable state now. This government has failed in its duty towards people. They will choose an alternative. Every citizen has suffered. The government was unable to meet public expectations. The election promises have not been delivered yet”.

Naidu slammed the BJP led government on demonetization and for not getting back the black money, he said’ “Demonetization was a big flop and its outcome was negative. The government has done nothing to get back black money”.

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