Army Chief warns Pakistan, says J&K is integral part of India and no one can take it away by any means

On Saturday, October 27, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat warned Pakistan on cross border terrorism and said that Pakistan is trying to annex Jammu-Kashmir from India but J&K is integral part of India and no one can take it away by any means.

Speaking with reporters on the sidelines of an event to mark the Infantry day, the Army Chief said that if Pakistan continues to support infiltrators then Indian Army can take other kind of actions too.

Army Chief said, “let me assure you, Indian Army and the Indian State is strong enough to ensure that Jammu and Kashmir remain part of India… No one else can take it away by force or by any other means, because legally, legitimately J-K is integral part of India”.

He said, “We are capable of finishing any infiltrators who reach our side. But, if Pakistan continues to support infiltration, we can use other kind of action too”.

Rawat said, “Legitimately, legally and by all rights, J and K is part of India. Pakistan somehow has been trying to annex this part of the country, more so after they lost East Pakistan with liberation of Bangladesh”.

A day after the death of 22 years old soldiers by stone-pelters, he said that strong action should be taken against stone-pelters as they are becoming like terrorists.

General Rawat said, “I still say the same… If they (stone-pelters) can kill people with such acts, are they not becoming like terrorists. I want to tell them (stone-pelters) that no one will benefit from stone-pelting”.

He said that Pakistan is trying to avenge its defeat by India in the war of 1971 when Bangladesh was liberated and since then creating the similar situation in Kashmir, but will not succeed in this.

He said, “With liberation of Bangladesh they decided to create a similar situation in Kashmir… Has Pakistan succeeded? They have not. And, Pakistan is fully aware they cannot succeed in Jammu and Kashmir, but they still hope they can succeed. It is just another way to keep the turmoil going and not allow development in the state”.

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