Army uses Bofors guns to respond to border shelling by Pakistan

The Indian Army responding to the use of heavy artillery guns by the Pakistan Army has opened up the Bofors guns, which had pulverised the enemy during the 1999 Kargil War.

The Indian Army’s action comes as a response to the heavy shelling by the Pakistan Army along the LoC in the current round of confrontation. The artillery gun has a 155mm calibre, unlike the guns conventionally used to counter Pak shelling.

“In the last 24 hours, the Pakistan Army resorted to intense and unprovoked firing with heavy calibre weapons in Krishna Ghati and Sunderbani, targeting Indian posts and civilian areas with mortar bombs and heavy artillery guns. The Indian Army has effectively retaliated. There have been no casualties on the Indian side,” said army spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mohit Vaishnava.

“We are maintaining strict vigil along LoC and international border. Any further provocation or misadventure by Pakistan will be responded in a befitting manner with dire consequences,” he said.

“All actions taken by our defence forces are targeted towards counter-terrorism and terrorist infrastructure, away from civilian areas, to avoid civilian casualties,” he added.

The move follows Pakistan Army’s use of ‘heavy calibre weapons’ in the Krishna Ghati and Sunderbani sectors along LoC, the Army said. It has also been targeting Indian posts and civilian areas with heavy artillery. The use of artillery guns indicates rise in military tension between the two countries.

The Army also said, “Post our warning to the Pakistan Army not to target civilian areas, the overall situation along the Line of Control remains relatively calm.”

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