Ashok Gehlot announces raise in unemployment allowance for youth

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday announced to raise the unemployment allowance for the youth of the state from March 1.

According to the announcement made by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, while speaking at an event in Rajasthan University, under the scheme, girls will get `3,500 per month while boys will get `3,000. The allowances was one of the big-ticket promises the party had made in the run up to the December Assembly elections in the state.

“This is a political stunt for the Lok Sabha election. Youth and farmers are being misled. They have given no clear plan on how they will fulfil these announcements given the debt. People… will show them …” Mukesh Pareek, BJP spokesperson said.

Gehlot said that the Congress in its election manifesto had promised to raise the unemployment allowance for the youth. “I had introduced the unemployment allowance during my last tenure. It began with Rs 600. Now, the girls will get Rs 3,500 and the boys Rs 3,000,” he added.

According to the National Career Services, an initiative under the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, the total number of job seekers registered is 8,57,316 from Rajasthan, as of March 31, 2018 .The unemployment rate in Rajasthan in November 2018 was 12.3%  against the national average of 6.62%. After Thursday’s announcement, more unemployed youngsters are expected to register.

The Chief Minister also gave an assurance to bring more schemes for the youth of the state. The unemployment allowance was one of the promises that the Congress party had made in its election manifesto.


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