Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar interviews Prime Minister Narendra Modi in non political way

Actor Akshay Kumar interviews Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a non political way. There was a long – hour conversation while interviewing Prime Minister Narendra Modi in non political way.

According to the experts, the timing of the Akshay Kumar interview with the Prime Minister is very interesting,i.e. just five days before the fourth phase of 2019 Lok Sabha elections on 29 April.

On 10th of April Election Commission banned the release of the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and said “such creative content are kind of surrogate publicity… it is contended that these have the propensity and potentiality to affect the level playing field, which is not in consonance of Model Code of Conduct.”

Ten days later, the Election Commission (EC) banned the streaming of a web series on the life of Modi. According to the  Election Commission they did what they thought was right.

Akshay Kumar while talking to the PM asked about his daily routine, his love for mangoes and his sleep schedule. The interview showcased the personal side of the prime minister’s personality. Modi signified it as “apolitical” interview.

In this interview, Modi emerged totally as a different man than what he is usually portrayed by his opponents. Someone who loves to laughs, chuckles, crack jokes, a motivator, and act toughly when undergone through harsh situations.

“I never thought of becoming the prime minister. My mother would have been happy if I had got a good job. But my journey began and this is unnatural for me… I have never been able to understand why people have supported me so much,” said Modi.

“I have tried to develop a work culture because discipline cannot be imposed on people. I have tried to be disciplined. I like humour, but now it becomes difficult because it can be misconstrued for TRPs.” PM added.

A day before the conversation was released Akshay Kumar tweeted “While the whole country is talking elections and politics, here’s a breather. Privileged to have done this candid and COMPLETELY NON POLITICAL freewheeling conversation with our PM @narendramodi.”

To which Narendra Modi replied to his tweet and wrote, “Dear @akshaykumar, it was good talking to you about everything, except politics and elections 🙂 I’m sure people would like watching our conversation.”

Whereas according to the Abhay Kumar Dubey, a New Delhi-based political analyst,  “This interview is part of a larger strategy of BJP to make the general election a referendum on Modi”.

Sunidhi Bhatti

Sunidhi Bhatti is a Post graduate in Mass Communications and Electronic Media. She is a young enthusiast who loves to write on political affairs and always satisfied with her work. Besides a content writer, she is a vocalist also.

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