Bollywood slams Vivek Oberoi on tweeting distasteful Aishwarya Rai meme

Bollywood slams Vivek Oberoi on tweeting distasteful Aishwarya Rai meme. Vivek Oberoi has got him in serious trouble. The Sathiya actor chose twitter to share the meme.

Vivek tweeted a collage of three photos of Aishwarya Rai with Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi and husband Abhishek Bachchan and daughter Aaradhya. The meme compared Aishwraya’s relationships to poll results. “Haha! Creative! No politics here… Just life”, the tweet said.

However, the meme soon caught the eyes of bollywood. Bollywood termed it as ‘disgusting, classless and silly. Sonam Kapoor was the first celebrity to slam Vivek Oberoi for the meme and called it as a disgusting and classless act.

“Dear @vivekoberoi, never expected such tweet from u. The trolls may go to any extent and make memes but u as a responsible celebrity should be careful of hurting anyone’s dignity. Would request u to apologize and delete the tweet..” firector Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted.

“Very disgraceful and in extreme bad taste of #VivekOberoi to put up such a disrespectful post. At least show the decency to pull off the post if not apologise to the lady and her little girl”, Urmila Matondkar shared through her twitter account.

Many Journalists and News Anchor’s also responded to Vivek’s posts. Journalist Pallavi Ghosh stated this act as a very shameful act, while news anchor Manav Gupta wrote, “Cheap joke. In very bad taste Vivek, especially dragging a child in to this (sic).”

He has now served a legal notice by National Commission For Women (NCW). Whereas, on the other hand, the Sathiya actor doesn’t think that he has done anything wrong, that people are making a huge issue out of it and that he doesn’t know what he should apologise for.

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