Budget will empower poor and give youth a better tomorrow: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a televised address said that the 2019 Budget was “full of hope” and will boost the country’s development, empower the youth, women, farmers, Dalits, oppressed and the underprivileged.

He further said that the budget is citizen-friendly, development-friendly and future-oriented, and will pave the way for building a ‘new India’.

“The budget is giving this belief that the direction is right, the process is correct, the pace is good and hence reaching the target is certain. This budget will set the path for the country to attain our targets in 2022. I wish to congratulate the first woman finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and her team for this citizen-friendly, development-friendly and future-oriented budget,” the PM said.

The budget will strengthen the foundation of the “next 10 years,” PM Modi continued to say.

“The budget will simplify the tax process and help in modernising the infrastructure in the country,” the Prime Minister said in his statement issued to the media after the presentation of the budget.

“Our government in the last five years has done a lot to empower the poor, farmers, scheduled castes, oppressed and underprivileged sections of the society. This empowerment would make them the powerhouse of the country in the coming five years.,” he said.

“The country will get the energy to fulfil the dream of a $5-trillion economy from these empowered sections,” the PM said.

“It will bring ease of living for common citizens along with welfare for the poor in the village,” the PM said. He continued to say that it was a “green budget”, which focuses on the environment with the objective of generating green and clean energy.

“This budget will improve education and bring advantages of artificial intelligence and space research to people,” the prime minister said.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Budget “set the stage for fulfilling our collective dreams of water for every citizen, ensuring electricity connectivity across India and boosting manufacturing especially in sunrise sectors. The Budget will enable India to become a more vibrant start-up hub.”

“The Budget reflects the PM’s vision for India’s development, where the farmers prosper, poor lead a life of dignity, the middle class get the due for their hard work and Indian enterprise gets a boost,” Shah added.

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