China asks US to stop the ‘misguided actions’ that affect the mutual trust

On Monday, October 8, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi received US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Diaoyutai state Guesthouse in Beijing and called on US to stop the misguided actions that affect the mutual trust between the China and US.

Pompeo arrived in Beijing on Monday on the last day of his three day visit to Japan, North Korea, South Korea and China.

Wang accused US of making series of actions, including additional tariffs on Chinese goods and actions on Taiwan that harm the sovereignty of China.

Wang said, “These actions have affected the mutual trust between both sides, and has cast a shadow over the prospect of China-US relations, which completely go against the interest of our two peoples. We require that the US stop such misguided actions… the two countries should pursue cooperation and “not descend into conflict and confrontation”.

Wang said to Pompeo that US has stepped up the rhetoric over trade tensions.

In response to Wang’s criticism of US, Pompeo said that both countries have “fundamental disagreement” and hope for resolving the issues.

Pompeo said, “We have great concerns over the actions that China has taken and I look forward to having the opportunity to discuss each of those today because this is an incredibly important relationship”.

Tensions are rising between US and China after US President Donald Trump slapped additional tariffs on Chinese goods and in retaliation, China went for tit for tat and increased tariffs on billions of dollars of US goods.

Both countries also cancelled the security dialogue that was to be held between the defence ministers of China and US. China cited the US intention for the cancellation of the meeting.

After that US Vice President Mike Pence alleged China of ‘malign’ efforts to undermine US President ahead of the upcoming congress elections and for its reckless behaviour in the South China Sea.


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