China has good ties with India, together can contribute fight against terror: Chinese FM

On Saturday, September 29, 2018, Foreign Minister of China, Wang Yi said at United Nations General Assembly that we have very good ties with India and India-China together can contribute to fight against terror.

Wang also defended China’s move on designating Azhar Masood, chief of Pakistan based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed, as a global terrorist citing the lack of common consensus in UNSC and said that China will be in touch with India on the issue.

Wang said, “If all parties come to a consensus, we will support it. But it is the parties that are rightly concerned who are not coming around to the same conclusion, like India and Pakistan don’t have the same conclusions”. He added, “We think that is a better way to go, and we will stay in close touch with India on this issue because we also have very good ties with the Indian side. We hope to see an early consensus, and together we can contribute to the fight against terror”.

Wang said that without solid facts and evidence, we cannot designate someone terrorist and expressed that if there will be evidences, then Pakistan will not turn its back.

He said, “Whether these people are terrorists or not, there should be solid facts and proof. If there is irrefutable evidence, no one can turn its back on it. I don’t think Pakistan will do that”.

Wang praised Pakistan’s contribution in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan and assured China’s support to Pakistan in its efforts in fighting terrorism.

He said, “China is against all forms of terrorism…We have been supporting and encouraging Pakistan in its efforts in fighting terrorism…years ago, at the request of the US, Pakistan participated in the fight against Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan”.

He added, “It paid a heavy price for that and has made a huge contribution. We believe that there should be a fair judgment of what they did”.

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