China-Japan agree to work for region’s peace and prosperity: Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo was received by the Chinese premier Li Keqiang at Tianmen Square on Friday, after he arrived in China in a rare visit to the country, both leaders inspected honour guard before going to the great hall of people.

Speaking at a joint press conference with the Chinese premier, Abe said that the relations with China are at an historic turning point. He said that Japan and China are ready to play a constructive role for the region’s peace and prosperity.

Abe said, “From competition to co-existence, Japan and China bilateral relations have entered a new phase. Hand in hand with Premier Li, I would like to advance our ties forward”.

He said the both leaders agreed to “play a constructive role for the sake of this region’s peace and prosperity”. He said, “I believe active trade will deepen ties between Japanese and Chinese people further”.

Abe said that Japan and China will work together with North Korea and Japan is ready to normalize the relations with Pyongyang.

Chinese premier Li also showed willingness to make stable and healthy relations with Japan. Li said, “The Chinese side is willing to work with the Japanese side to return to a normal track, and maintain the stable, sustained and healthy development of bilateral relations”.

A low in the relations was seen after 2012 when Japan nationalized the territory that was being claimed by Beijing. Japan and China have decades old territory and border disputes in sea of Japan.

Trade war initiated by US is also being considered in bringing together the Asian rivals and second and third largest economies of the world.

This is the first by a Japanese primer to China since December 2011. PM Abe arrived in China with a delegation of about 1000 people that has top officials from 500 Japanese companies.

Chinese State run Global Times said in its editorial that trade war initiated by US will definitely boost China-Japan relations. It said, “Washington is sparing no effort in pressing China in the trade war. Meanwhile, it also showed no trace of politeness towards Japan. This will definitely boost China and Japan’s willingness to cooperate in the short term”.

The Global Times added, “Though the US is quite an influential factor in China-Japan ties, the effect is limited. If Beijing and Tokyo intended to plan their future bilateral relationship based on Washington’s attitude, they will only get lost”.

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