Congress leaders threatened Supreme Court judges for impeachment if deliver justice on Ayodhya before 2019 elections: PM Modi

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that the Congress party leaders threatened judges in the name of impeachment if the Supreme Court judges deliver justice on Ram temple issue before 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

PM Modi was addressing an election rally in Alwar district of poll bound Rajasthan. Modi criticized the Congress party for playing dangerous games and warned that he will not allow them to do this in the temple of democracy.

PM Modi said that Congress party “does not hold dialogue and stall proceedings in Parliament, but the new game they are playing now is dangerous and this must be debated for a bright future of the country”.

He said, “If a Supreme Court judge does not prepare the time-table (for hearing cases) as per their (Congress’s) political intentions and wants to hear all to deliver justice on a serious and sensitive issue, such as Ayodhya, then the party’s lawyers, who are Rajya Sabha members, start the game of scaring the judges in the name of impeachment”.

Modi said, “They are working to scare judiciary on the ground of their numbers in Rajya Sabha. But we will not let this ‘kaala kaarnama’ happen in the temple of democracy”. He said that Congress party and others moved a notice for impeachment of then the Chief Justice of India, Deepak Mishra in April 2018.

Modi also attacked on Congress for dividing the society on the basis of casteism and for playing cast based vote bank politics. He said, “Will you vote on the basis of the caste of Modi? Will the future of Rajasthan be decided on basis of birthplace of Modi”.

He said, “They are deep neck involved in casteism. Casteism and feeling of hate against poor, deprived, underprivileged is in their veins and such statements reflect the basic behaviour and conduct of the Congress. It does not matter who spoke that (Joshi’s renmarks) because everyone knows about the ‘naamdaar’ (referring to Rahul Gandhi) who make them speak”

Modi added, “Congress has only divided the country. For them, Dalits are a votebank while our values and traditions are different”.

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