Congress owes its victory to farmers and youth: Rahul Gandhi

In a press conference at party headquarter, Rahul Gandhi said, “We are going to provide these states a vision. We are going to provide these states with a government that they can be proud of.”

Speaking on government formation in three states, Gandhi said that the process will be smooth and will be time-bound. Underlining three central issues; employment, economy and misgovernance, Gandhi said that the Congress will work fundamentally on issues that matter common citizens.

Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi taught him “what not to do” and he also “learnt a lot” from the massive defeat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

“With the current situation, it is difficult for PM N Narendra Modi to win 2019. The country is not happy with Demonetization, GST and lack of jobs. Happy for what we have achieved, but had expected better results in Telangana.”

The most important thing that he learnt from the 2014 polls was humility, said the 48-year-old Congress chief. “This is a great country and the most important thing in this country is what the people feel,” he said.

We will work tirelessly for the farming community, youth and the employed, said Rahul Gandhi. There is a general sense of discontent among people as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s promises have not been fulfilled.

Talking about reasons for BJP’s debacle in the assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi said, “When PM was elected to power, he was elected on three platforms-employment, corruption and farmers. It was in people’s mind that PM will fight against corruption. Now people think that PM Modi himself is corrupt.”

“BJP has an ideology, we’ll fight against it and defeat them. We have defeated them today and we will do this again in 2019. But we don’t want to erase anyone from the face of India,” said the Congress President.

The Congress President als talked about the Much talked-of EVM issue saying, “But the central issue of EVM is still there, if the chip is manipulated you can affect the entire voting system, that’s not possible with manual voting. This is a question that has been answered in the US and other countries, where they’ve said that we don’t want an EVM.”


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