Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram restored after facing glitch

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram faced major glitch, which impacted users in the U.S. and Europe as the images and videos were not getting loaded. The glitch prevented users globally from sending and receiving images, videos and other files.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have fixed their glitch issues after the services. Instagram has shared a post on Twitter letting users know that they are back online.

On Wednesday, during glitch issues, the profile page didn’t loaded while others faced uploading issues and attempts to upload insta-story. On uploading insta story, instagram came up with an error message saying “Uploading fail. Try again”.

“During one of our routine maintenance operations, we triggered an issue that is making it difficult for some people to upload or send photos and videos,” Facebook said.

More thaN 14,000 users reported issues with Instagram, while more than 7,500 and 1,600 users reported issues with Facebook and WhatsApp.

“Facebook and Instagram said they were “back at 100 percent” late evening (early Thursday morning for Malaysians) after experiencing the outages for hours”, AFP report said.

This year in March, facebook had experienced one of its longest glitch when some users around the globe faced trouble accessing Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for over 24 hours.

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