G-7 Summit : Donald Trump backs off on Kashmir, Imran Khan issues nuclear threat

US President Doland Trump during his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on G-7 Summit city of Biarritz in France agreed that Kashmir is a bilateral issue. Trump backed off from his earlier statements to mediate between India and Pakistan.

“We spoke last night about Kashmir, Prime Minister [Modi] feels he has it under control. They speak with Pakistan and I’m sure that they will be able to do something that will be very good,” said Trump.

“All the issues between India and Pakistan are of bilateral, and we don’t want to trouble any third country. We can discuss and resolve these issues bilaterally”, said PM Narendra Modi.

Meanwhile, Pakistan PM Imran Khan addressed his country on the Kashmir situation. “I will raise the issue at every international forum, including at the UN General Assembly”, he said.

Also, Imran khan reffered India’s decision on Kashmir as a historic blunder, Imran Khan said, “if there is a war, then the world should remember that both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. And in case of war, no one will win, but the world will be responsible as the effects of war will be felt by everyone.”

“I read in the newspapers that people are disappointed that Muslim countries are not siding with Kashmir. I want to tell you not to be disappointed; if some countries are not raising this issue because of their economic interests, they will eventually take this issue up. They will have to, with time,” khan added.

“When I called Prime Minister Khan after the elections, I told him that Pakistan has to fight against poverty, India has to also fight against it. Pakistan has to fight against illiteracy and disease, and India has to also fight against them…I told him we should work together for the welfare of our people,” Modi said.

While addressing media PM Modi said “India and Pakistan were together before 1947 and I’m confident that we can discuss our problems and solve them together”.

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