IDF strikes Syria, killing 3, after rockets fired at Golan Heights

The Israel Defense Forces Sunday morning attacked several military targets in Syria during the predawn hours in a response to two rockets that were fired from the country at the Golan Heights on Saturday night.

“Last night, 2 rockets were launched from Syria to Israel, 1 landing within Israeli territory. In response, we struck a number of Syrian Armed Forces military targets… The Syrian Armed Forces targets we struck included: 2 artillery batteries; Observation & [intelligence] posts; An SA-2 aerial defense battery. We hold the Syrian regime accountable and will firmly operate against any attempt to harm Israeli civilians,” the IDF wrote on Twitter.

Syria’s official SANA news agency said that three Syrian soldiers had been killed and seven injured in the attack, and claimed that Syrian air defenses intercepted missiles coming from the Golan Heights.

The Israeli army however refrained from specifying whom it believes fired two rockets at the Golan Heights — one of which landed inside Israeli territory, the other in Syria — but said it “sees the Syrian regime as responsible for all attacks against Israel from Syrian territory.”

The Israeli army has even released footage of the strike as well as aerial stills of various Syrian targets before they were reportedly attacked.

“We are not prepared to tolerate firing into our territory and we react with great force against any aggression against us,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also serves as defense minister, said in a statement on Sunday. “This is a consistent policy that I lead and so we will continue to do for the sake of Israel’s security.”

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