Immediate need to reform UNSC, as it is out of sync with modern world: India’s Parliament Representative to UN

On Monday, October 8, India’s Parliament Representative to UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin said the UN Security Council need to be reformed at the earliest as it is not in sync with the modern world.

Akbaruddin said that UNSC reforms are required before the technologies of future sharpen the conflicts of past.

Akbaruddin said, “Updating the current architecture of international institutions, which are so out of sync with the modern world, is imperative if new global challenges are to be met. Nowhere is this need for common purpose required more than in reforming the Security Council”.

He said, “We need to fix the flaws. We need to do it before it is too late. We need to do so before the technologies of the future sharpen the conflicts of the past, while the Council remains nursing its self-inflicted wounds of diminishing relevance”.

India’s UN Ambassador emphasized that those who see the benefits of multilateralism have to take the decision for UNSC reforms.

He said, “We need to undertake a new journey towards a reformed and reinvigorated multilateral system. Whether we do so or not will determine the destiny of this organization. It is a decision that all of us who see the benefits of multilateralism will need to take, if we desire to stem the tide against it”.

He stressed that the many of the world problems , like global warming, terrorism and terrorist financing cannot be solved just in one shot, for solution of these problems we have to adopt appropriate standards.

He said, “Many of these problems require continuous attention rather than one-shot solutions. To counter terrorism, for example, we need to establish a reliable and efficient set of controls for monitoring borders and financial flows. Such efforts will work only if appropriate standards are widely adopted and cooperation in implementing them becomes routine”.


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