In new political low, SP leader Azam Khan says rival Jaya Prada wears khaki underwear

Samajwadi Party senior leader Azam Khan while campaigning in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur made an appalling comment about the actress-turned-politician Jaya Prada, a former party colleague who is now his BJP rival.

“I brought her to Rampur. You are a witness that I did not allow anyone to touch her body. It took you 17 years to identify her real face but I got to know in 17 days that she wears khaki underwear,” said Khan while addressing an election rally.

“Many allegations were made against me by the current BJP candidate. I had to swear by my dead mother that they are false. I am not a coward. If I said it, I would have accepted it in front of you. I want to ask you, should one stoop so low in politics? This person who has sucked the blood of Rampur for 10 years — I had led that person to Rampur by the finger. I familiarised the person with the streets of Rampur. I didn’t let anyone touch the person or even use filthy language,” said Khan.

“BJP candidate! You told TV channels after performing ‘puja’ that there is a ‘daanav’ in Rampur. I have to finish. I did not know what ‘daanav’ meant. My Hindu friends told me that it means ‘rakhshas,” said Khan.

“Remember, for two people, I was expelled from the SP. I did not rebel. I did not complain and I waited. I did not change the boat,” he said.

“Hug Dalits because injustice has been done to them for thousands of years. Think and decide but once you decide, don’t go back. Stay united and you will see that the throne from here to Delhi will be yours,” he said as he emphasised on the importance of unity in a country and among its people.

“It is not a question of victory or defeat. It is not even a question of my victory or defeat. The question is if the change will happen in the country or not,” he added.

“Let one Azam Khan get sacrificed but PM Modi’s cruel rule must go way. Those who make Ali-Bajrang Bali fight, their rule should go,” he said.


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