India, China do not pose ‘threats’ to each other: Chinese President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping told Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday that India and China “do not pose threats” to each other as he expressed Beijing’s willingness to join New Delhi in pushing forward a closer development partnership between the two sides.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement late Thursday evening, giving details about the meeting that took place, among the two leaders, on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation at Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, who also discussed the US’ protectionist trade policy.

“The cooperation between China and India will not only help each other’s development, but will also contribute to peace, stability, and prosperity in Asia and the world,” said the Chinese President.

In the statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing asserted that President Xi told Prime Minister Modi that India and China should deepen cooperation by properly handling differences and called for strengthening Confidence Building Measures to maintain stability at the border.

Xi also emphasised that “the two sides should adhere to the basic judgment that China and India… do not pose a threat to each other. They must persist in deepening mutual trust, focusing on cooperation, and accepting differences so that China-India relations become a more positive asset and positive energy for promoting the development of the two countries”.

“We need to expand cooperation channels, carry out cooperation in investment, production capacity and tourism, expand common interests, and jointly promote regional connectivity,” the statement added.

Xi also told Modi “that it was necessary to make good use of mechanisms such as the meeting of special representatives on the border issue, strengthen the building of confidence measures, and maintain stability in the border areas of the two countries”.

On the vexed boundary issue, Xi said, “we need to make good use of the meeting of the Special Representatives on the boundary issue and other mechanisms, strengthen Confidence-Building Measures (CBMs) and maintain stability at the border areas”.

So far, the two countries have held 21 rounds of talks to resolve differences over the 3488-km long Line Actual Control (LAC).

Xi was also quoted as saying that “as important representatives of developing countries and emerging market economies, China and India must jointly safeguard free trade and multilateralism and safeguard the legitimate development rights of developing countries”.

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