India is important partner of UN in countering terrorism: UN Chief

On Sunday, September 30, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said that India is an “Important Partner” of United Nations in countering terrorism, countering terrorist financing, and in capacity building projects of UN.

UN Chief, Guterres said that the primary responsibility lies with the Member States, UN secretariat is fully committed to provide all the support to tackle terrorism and to help in finding the multilateral solution of complex global challenges.

UN Chief told PTI in an email interview, “The threat of radicalisation, violent extremism, and terrorism continues to persist and even grow in many parts of the world. Modern-day terrorists are savvy in both technology and social media, successfully exploiting contemporary tools to propagate the narrative of hate and violence to recruit young people and raise funds”.

He emphasized that all nations must prevent and combat incitement to violence and described as an Important partner of United Nations in countering terrorism. He said that there are plans for cooperation between India and UN to counter terror financing.

He said, “The Government of India’s recent contribution to the United Nations Trust Fund for Counter-Terrorism will support the execution of capacity-building projects by the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism”.

He said, “There are also plans for cooperation between India and the United Nations on strengthening capacity in the areas of countering terrorist financing, and on the use of advance passenger information”.

UN Chief noted that though the primary responsibility lies with Member States, the UN Secretariat is fully committed to supporting efforts to tackle terrorism and to helping find multilateral solutions to complex global challenges such as this.

He noted India’s commitment to counter terrorism and support the work of  the newly established UN Office for Counter Terrorism (OCT). He said that Indian government had this year announced a voluntary contribution of USD 550,000 for the OCT.

He said, “The Organisation will also enhance its efforts in support of Member States’ developing effective counter-terrorism strategies, through capacity building support and mobilisation of much-needed resources”.

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