India-Pakistan friendship will automatically solve the Kashmir issue: says NC President Abdullah

The Jammu & Kashmir National Conference president Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday welcomed the “positive approach” of Pakistan’s leadership on resolving long-pending issues with India, saying it has rekindled the hope that the two countries can live with trust and friendship.

“I foresee a time when my colleagues, friends and family members move around without security. It is perhaps for that day, God has kept me going,” Abdullah said at the annual day celebrations of Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences in Srinagar.

“I look forward to elections for the state assembly at an earliest. Only a popular government can mitigate the mounting woes of people. And it is the duty of people to elect honest people to the legislature,” Abdullah said as he declared that only democratically elected governments will advance the cause of development and will work for the socio-economic emancipation of the underprivileged.

Abdullah’s comments come two days after Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who completed 100 days as premier last week, said his government enjoys unwavering support of the armed forces, an influential player in the country’s politics, particularly on matters of foreign policy.

Khan stated that his government, the army and all political parties in Pakistan are on the same page on improving ties with India.

“The National Conference (NC) has always supported friendly relations between India and Pakistan. The day these two countries become true friends, Kashmir issue would automatically get resolved,” stated the NC President as he answered questions of the media about the India-Pakistan relation.

India and Pakistan last month laid the foundation stones, on their respective sides, to open a corridor to facilitate Sikh pilgrims in visiting gurdwaras on either side. Been forever divided over terrorism, the step of building such a corridor has been accepted by many as a positive step towards a possible healthy relationship between the two countries.

“I wish that day comes when the two neighbouring countries of India and Pakistan live in camaraderie,” Abdullah expressed to the audience.

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