India should not consider our friendship offer as our weakness: Pakistan PM

On Sunday, September 2018, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that “Indian leadership will shun arrogance and India should not consider our friendship offer as our weakness” on cancellation of meeting, between foreign ministers of India and Pakistan, by India.

Earlier Khan said that he was disappointed by India’s decision of reversal and cited India’s behavior ‘arrogant’ and ‘negative’.

Addressing Punjab bureaucracy, Khan said  “ I hope the Indian leadership will shun arrogance and hold (peace) talks with Pakistan. Our offer of friendship should not be considered as our weakness. Friendship between Pakistan and India will help overcome poverty”.

He said, “Friendship between India and Pakistan is in the benefit of both the countries. We will not take pressure of any world power”.

Khan further added, “Pakistan should not be threatened as it will not tolerate any act of hostility”.

Tensions are rising between the two Asian rivals after the killing and mutilation of body of a BSF soldier of India by Pakistani troops on September 18. Indian Army chief threatened for the revenge and supported the Indian Government’s decision to cancel the proposed meeting between the foreign ministers of both countries.

Indian Army Chief said, “The government’s policy is very clear cut… You (Pakistan) show us some initiatives so that we feel that you are not encouraging terrorism. But we see that terror activities are continuing and terrorists come from the other side of the border. In such an atmosphere, whether talks can be initiated or not, that the government can only decide. I agree to the government’s decision that peace talks and terrorism cannot go together”.

In response to Indian Army Chief’s remarks, Pakistan Director General of Inter Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor said, “We are always ready and prepared for war. War happens when either side is unprepared for it”.


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