Indian Railways rolls out committed programmes under the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’

Friday, October 5, Indian Railways has rolled out committed programmes to bring about the meaningful changes under the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’, these include new improved toilets at railway stations, awareness activities for greater hygiene and sanitation, shramdaan by railway officers and employees and tree plantation.

The Home Ministry statement said that Indian Railways undertook a program to increase the green cover and planted 13.27 lakh trees alongside 1300 km route of track. Under ‘Swachata hi Sewa’ national cleanliness campaign there was laudatory participation by Railways officers and employees.

The statement said, “Laudatory participation in Shramdaan by Railways officers & employees in connection with recently organized Swachata Hi Sewa national cleanliness campaign has been one of the strong impactful measures by the Railways and the planting of 13.27 lakh saplings during the fortnight program alongside 1300 km route kilometer of track, near station areas and on vacant land plots has been one of the noteworthy efforts to create green public spaces”.

The statement said that Railways has allocated Rs. 300 crore, as part of Swachh Bharat Mission Program, for construction of new toilets to improving the sanitation.

It said, “To improve sanitation on its premises, the Indian Railways has allocated Rs. 300 crore to renovation of existing toilets, construction of new toilets. The Railway has constructed/ improved 1800 toilets at 1400 stations including the construction of around 200 Divyang friendly toilets”.

It added, “Apart from this, the railway has undertaken provision of toilets in circulating areas at railway stations for local community and surrounding area inhabitants as well as for general public visiting railway stations under the CSR initiative”.

The statement said that Indian Railways stepped up the awareness activities for the greater hygiene and sanitation at workplaces and railway colonies, and User-friendly and well-designed toilets are part of the broader vision of cleanliness programs on the railways.

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