India’s alerts to Sri Lanka: Easter Sunday Blasts

Intelligence inputs regarding a possible terror attack in Sri Lanka was shared by Indian agencies with their Sri Lankan counterparts earlier this month after the National Investigation Agency (NIA) completed its probe into an ISIS-inspired module planning to kill prominent leaders in South India, officials said in New Delhi.

India sent as many as three alerts to Sri Lanka, including one on the day of the Easter Sunday attack that left 321 people dead and 500 injured, according to officials.

The input was sent through diplomatic channels to the island nation after a thorough investigation pertaining to the ISIS case in Coimbatore was carried out by the NIA, which has filed a charge sheet against seven people.

“The information about the attacks were a result of detailed analysis of information gathered through technical means and human sources,” one of the officials said.

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe acknowledged that alerts had been sent by India.

“India gave us the intelligence but there has been a lapse on how we acted on that… intelligence was not conveyed down the line,” Wickremesinghe told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

Seven suicide bombers took part in the attacks on churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka that initially killed 290 people and wounded more than 500, as eight serial blasts rocked Sri Lanka early on Easter Sunday.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka’s president has asked for the resignations of the defense secretary and national police chief after security forces ignored intelligence reports warning of possible attacks, the president’s office said Wednesday.

The Daesh group has claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka attacks and released images that purported to show the attackers.

Reports claim that the suicide bombings at the churches, hotels and other sites were carried out by militants in apparent retaliation for the New Zealand mosque massacre last month.

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