Iranian President criticizes US policies of unilateralism, urges Europe to support Iran in countering US

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized the United States for undermining the important international relations, treaties, and its policies of unilateralism and urged Europe to support Iran in countering US unilateralism.

In an Opinion pies on Thursday in Financial Express, President Rouhani said, “More broadly, US President Donald Trump’s approach to matters of trade, international treaties and the humiliating manner in which he treats even America’s allies, illustrates how US foreign policy has posed new challenges to the global order”.

He said, “In brief, the US administration’s policies of unilateralism, racial discrimination, Islamophobia, and the undermining of important international treaties, including the Paris Climate Accord, are fundamentally incompatible with multilateralism and other socio-political norms valued by Europe”.

Rouhani criticized US for withdrawing from Iran Nuclear deal and re-imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran. He said, “Unfortunately, the US, through raising unfounded claims and in complete disregard for its international obligations, has abandoned the nuclear agreement and imposed extraterritorial and unilateral sanctions on Iran and, by extension, other countries”.

Rouhani appreciated the remaining signatories JCPOA for supporting Iran and said that a final package of measures to counter US sanctions yet to be submitted by Russia, China and European countries. He said, “The European parties as well as Russia and China still need to present and implement their final proposed package of measures to compensate for and mitigate the effects of America’s newest unilateral and extraterritorial sanctions before they are imposed”.

Rouhani cited unilateralism as fatal and said that the way to overcome difficulties is through international efforts. He said, “In today’s tumultuous world, the only way to overcome difficulties is through concerted international efforts based on mutual interests, and not the short-sighted demands of one or a few states. Unilateralism is fatal, while multilateralism is the only appropriate, inexpensive and effective course of action”.

Rouhani said, “Europe’s tradition of multilateralism positions it well to play an important role in reinforcing peace and stability in line with its identity and interests. Iran believes in multilateralism and is prepared to join other peace-loving nations in this path”.

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