Jammu becomes the epicentre of massive protests

Protesters burned dozens of vehicles and shops and damaged properties in response to the terror attack in Pulwama district of South Kashmir on Friday. Jammu was the epicentre of the people’s outburst. A curfew was imposed following massive violence during the day-long bandh call given by Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

The Army further deployed nine security columns with air support in Jammu following the protests over the terror attack in which 40 CRPF personnel were killed.

Defence Spokesman in Jammu, Lt Col Devendra Anand in a statement said, “ after violence broke out in major parts of Jammu city curfew was imposed  and Army was requisitioned by civil authorities of Jammu to bring the situation under control.

He said, the Army reacted promptly and in a swift action, nine Internal Security Columns of Army from Tiger Division along with air support from White Knight Corps were deployed in Gujjar Nagar, Janipur, Shahidi Chowk, Talab Khatika and other areas”.

Mobile Internet services remain suspended in Jammu as a precautionary measure to avoid law and order situation. Angry protesters spread to different parts of Jammu city as they raised roadblocks by burning tyres and other materials.

“Flag marches were also conducted by the IS columns. Helicopters and UAVs of Army were also put into operation to monitor the situation,” continued Anand.

Lt-Col Anand said, “The proactive approach jointly taken by J&K Police, Civil administration (Divisional Commissioner and District Collector’s office) and Indian Army has ensured that the situation remains in control and peaceful.”


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