Kerala Govt’s Conduct Most Shameful, says PM on Sabarimala

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the left government in Kerala on the Sabarimala issue, saying Communists do not respect India’s culture and spirituality.

“We know that the Communists do not respect India’s culture, history and spirituality,” Modi said at a public meeting here.

UDF and LDF were two sides of the same old coin which were same in corruption, casteism and communalism, Modi alleged.

“They are different in name, but in damaging Kerala’s cultural fabric, they are the same. UDF and LDF are different names but in political violence they are the same. Different in name, but in neglecting Kerala’s yuvashakti, they are the same,” he said.

He accused both party-led fronts of “ignoring the poor.” Modi also said that the Congress party has multiple stands on the Sabarimala issue.

“The UDF is no better. The Congress has multiple stands. They say one thing in Parliament but a different thing in Pathanamthitta (where the Lord Ayyappa shrine is located). They say one thing in Parliament and another in Pathanamthitta (where the Lord Ayyappa shrine is located),” the Prime Minister said.

“On one hand NDA government at the centre is working day and night for the people of Kerala. But it pains me no end that the Kerala of spirituality and tranquility, the Kerala of harmony and happiness has become hostage to the corruption and communalism of two alliances– the LDF and UDF,” he said.

“I challenge the UDF, clearly state your stand on the issue. Your doublespeak has been exposed,” Modi said, lashing out at his party’s national arch rival.

The BJP’s stand on this issue has ‘always’ been clear, he said. “The actions of our party match our words. If there is one party that has been at the forefront of standing with Kerala and its culture, it is BJP,” Modi said.

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