Kharga Corps to conduct exercise to test new additions in military equipment and weapons

The Ambala-based Indian Army’s prestigious Kharga Corps is geared up to hold a large scale training exercise with troops in the backdrop of informationized domain and sub-conventional realities with focus on future security threats, read an official statement Tuesday.

The exercise is scheduled to be held somewhere in May-June in the hinterland of Punjab and Haryana.

“The exercise will be conducted in the obstacle ridden terrain. Latest military concepts designed to deliver a swift punitive blow to the adversary will also be validated,” the release said.

As mentioned in the official release, an army spokesperson said that components of Indian Air Force are also reported to participate in order to validate joint maneuvers and derive inputs for further consolidation of existing war fighting concepts and evolution of joint operational doctrine for the future.

According to the statement, the exercise entails the jointmanship between arms and services and honing of inter army and inter-services good practices. During the exercise, the efficiency of recent new additions in military equipment and weapons will be put to test.

Ambala based 2-Corpa, popularly called as Kharga Corps, possesses 50% of the Indian Army’s offensive capabilities and has the mandate to launch offensive attack, in case any conflict or war breaks out with neighbouring Pakistan. The Kharga Corps has been stationed at Ambala since 1985.

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