Liquor ban in Goa: 3 months jail, Rs 2,000 fine for consuming alcohol in public places

Drinking alcohol or cooking in public on Goa’s beaches will now attract a fine of Rs 2,000 or imprisonment for up to three months, according to an amendment to the Registration of Tourist Trade act which was approved by the state cabinet on Thursday.

Speaking to reporters here, Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar also said that the amendment would be tabled for passing in the upcoming session of the state Assembly which begins on January 29.

“We have brought this amendment for those who indulge in breaking bottles on the beach, cooking and drinking alcohol in public places like our beaches,” Ajgaonkar said.

Nobody can drink alcohol on our beaches and tourist places any more. Bottles cannot be carried there. Food also cannot be cooked in the open. All these offences will attract a fine of Rs 2,000. If the fine is not paid, an offence can be registered. The offender can be arrested and imprisoned for three months,” Ajgaonkar said.

The Tourism Minister further said, “The Cabinet has cleared this proposal today and will be brought in the coming Assembly session and will become a law.”

The minister said that the department will implement the rules strictly as per law. He further said that the government has also decided to penalise illegal booking of houses/guest houses by travel agencies.

“Some travel agencies are now going into houses to make online bookings. We will not allow them, only those who are registered with Tourism Department will be allowed to let out their rooms,” he said and added that an offence would be registered against those who do not follow the norms.


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