Maharashtra government mulling ordinance against dance bars

The Supreme Court on Thursday relaxed some stringent measures imposed by the Maharashtra government through a law in 2016 on banning the dance bars in Mumbai. In 2005, due to the Maharashtra government ruling to ban the dance bars, as many as 700 bars closed down across Mumbai.

After Supreme Court’s verdict paving the way for reopening of dance bars in Maharashtra, the BJP-led state government is considering bringing an ordinance to stop their operations.

Stating that there can be “regulations” but not “total prohibition”, the Supreme Court (SC) Thursday set aside some provisions of a 2016 law imposing restrictions on licensing and functioning of dance bars.

Senior minister Sudhir Mungantiwar told PTI Friday that in order to protect the cultural fabric of the state, the state government is considering bringing an ordinance to stop dance bars from operating.

The Minister for Finance and Planning said the issue will be discussed in detail during the weekly state cabinet meeting next week. “In the interest of people and for saving the cultural fabric of the state, we will not hesitate in bringing an ordinance to stop dance bars from operating,” he said.

“Once we receive the written orders of the court, our lawyers will study it and based on their recommendations, we will bring an ordinance in the next two weeks, making changes and strengthening the existing law,” Mungantiwar said.

The Dance Bar Regulation Bill, which was unanimously passed by the Maharashtra Assembly on April 13, 2014, prohibited sale of liquor in the bars areas. However, on Thursday, the Supreme Court overturned that rule allowing alcohol in the bar area.

The apex court has also brought down the rulemaking installation of CCTV cameras compulsory in the performance, stating it violates the right to privacy.


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