Major highlights of PM Narendra Modi speech on Independence Day 2019 which he address from Red Fort

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation Red Fort on the occasion of 73rd Independence Day. The speech lasted for 92 minutes, in which Modi talked about the major problems which are being faced by the nation and how nation can work together so as to remove all the obstacles to reach Rs 5-trillion economy mark.

In the support of Indian defence staff, PM Narendra Modi said that in a big move to strengthen security forces, the integration of all three forces under a defence head.

By promoting the idea of small family PM Modi said “Population explosion in the country will create various problems for the coming generations. Those who follow the policy of small family also contribute to the development of the nation, it is also a form of patriotism,”

By emphasing on the need to boost exports Modi said “Time has come to think about how we can boost exports; each district of India has so much to offer”.

On the idea to invest Rs 100 lakh crore on the country’s infrastructure. ” Today, according to the needs of the 21st century, modern infrastructure is being set up,” Modi said.

To the opposition on Article 370 Modi said “If these provisions were so important for Jammu and Kashmir’s welfare, why did previous governments left it as a temporary provision despite multiple opportunities to do”.

Considering Water conservation top priority “The movement towards water conservation has to take place at the grassroots level. It cannot become a mere Government programme. People from all walks of life have to be integrated in this movement”, PM Modi said.

Visioning India Plastic free Narendra Modi said that Can we free India from single use plastic? The time for implementing such an idea has come. May teams be mobilised to work in this direction. Let a significant step be made on 2nd October.

In order to reach Rs 5-trillion economy mark PM said “The target of nearly doubling the size of Indian economy to $5 trillion in five years may seem difficult. But when we have in five years (of BJP rule) added $1 trillion as compared to $2 trillion size achieved in 70 years of independence, then this target is achievable.”

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