Manvendra Singh says, today’s BJP is the party of fear and threats

Manvendra Singh, the son of former BJP leader Late Jaswant Singh, alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi believes only on himself and not on anyone else, and now BJP has become the party of fear, threat and money worshipers only.

Singh said that in Atalji’s BJP there was love, relationship and good behaviour that doesn’t reflect in today’s BJP. He said that he met with PM Modi in 1992 and he has the same thinking as he was having at that time. Singh appreciated Congress President Rahul Gandhi for his good behaviour saying that Rahul Gandhi is full of humanity and joined Congress because of Gandhi’s friendship.

Singh said that he will not contest in the Assembly elections but he is looking to contest in Lok Sabha elections as he is interested in the politics at Centre. He said that he doesn’t have cast based thinking, he wants to go with all casts together and then only we can develop and make progress.

Manvendra Singh alleged BJP central command for not giving Vasundhra Raje enough power to take her own decisions in the party. He said that Amit Shah is running BJP in the whole country, whatever he wants it happens.

Manvendra Singh companied to Rahul Gandhi in the bus when he was going to Kota for election campaign. Singh said that he talked to Rahul Gandhi about the ongoing matter of CBI and discussed the situation with him. He said that government is misusing the CBI and it has to be saved.

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