Movie review: In support of Kabir Singh; Not misogyny, there’s more to it

Shahid kapoor’s and Kiaara Advani’s movie Kabir Singh is one of the awaited movie of the year and now one of the controversial movie. The movie is getting blasted with too much of criticism as it depicts toxic masculinity. Substantially, people with the extravagant feminist ideologies are much deeply offended with the movie.

The movie starts with Kabir Singh who is dealing with anger management issues falls in love with Preeti. A girl who very fragile and innocent character who never takes a stand for herself, while Kabir always takes a stand for her everywhere. He has a different style of loving her, he is possessive, protective and end up beating the guys who teases his girl. He takes care of her, and that’s what Preeti loves about him. The moment she realizes Kabir giving his all for her, she, too, falls in love with him.

The only scene which is disturbing is where Kabir slaps Preeti for no reason, but that is the arc of Preeti’s character. On the other hand, there is scene where Preeti slaps Kabir, outside the station, in reaction to which Kabir laughs as the most natural reaction to her action. In every other review, the scene where Kabir slapped Preeti is highlighted whereas, there is no mention about the scene where Preeti slaps Kabir.

The feeling of Love is a feeling which makes you or break you. After, Preeti’s father gives a clear rejection to their relationship and forces Preeti to get married to a guy of his father’s choice. Seeing, Preeti getting married to other guy breaks Kabir. The phase of his life where he undergoes a painful suffering and gets clinged to alcohol and cigarettes.

Kabir comes back home for his grandmother’s funeral. The moment when he realises the importance of life. Nothing expect for his grandmother’s death could bring him home back.

Kabir gets into a police case, for doing a surgery when he was intoxicated. Kabir’s father and his brother produces all the false proves to prove that he was not guilty. On being asked by the judge, Kabir speaks up the truth, the moment where audiences learns about the honest person in Kabir.

Kabir finally meets Preeti and asks her to come with him. Preeti doesn’t say no to him and reveals that she had left the house of her in-laws three days after the marriage because as she could not live with a stranger. She also tells him that she is pregnant with his child. Finally, at the climax we see the fragile and shy Preeti taking a stand for herself and waiting Kabir to come back. The movie ends with a new chapter of their life: parenthood.

In the beginning, where Kabir Singh seems to be hungry for sex. Later in the movie he realise his mistake. The actress, who shows interest in him about his situation with Preeti where Kabir clarifies that he is only interested in a no strings attached relationship. He never made any false promises of love just to sleep with someone.

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