Narendra Modi in Varanasi visits Kashi Temple, thanks the people

Gearing up for his second term as the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi visited Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi and addressed party karyakartas to thank them and the voters for “reposing” faith in him and the party for the second consecutive time.

Accompanied by BJP president Amit Shah and Adityanath, Modi entered the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and paid obeisance to the deity as priests recited Sanskrit ‘shlokas’ in the sanctum sanctorum and blew conch shells.

PM Narendra Modi later addressed BJP workers in Varanasi and said that: “I had spoken to workers of Varanasi. All of you had ordered me ‘You can’t set foot in Varanasi for a month’. The nation might have elected me as the PM but for you, I am a worker. For me, your orders were the priority.”

“Elections are all about arithmetic but there is chemistry that goes beyond arithmetic. This time chemistry has defeated arithmetic. Some people say that politics is all about perception but we do not create perceptions. For us, transparency and hard work scores above everything else,” he said.

Modi gave full credit for his victory to the workers at the grassroots level for creating awareness about his government’s policies and programmes for the people. He said that, “Work and workers create wonders.”

“The polls in 2014, 2017 and 2019 mark a hat-trick of wins in Uttar Pradesh. Each of these wins is special and should be studied very carefully by political analysts. Uttar Pradesh is further strengthening the country’s democratic fabric,” said the soon-to-be Prime Minister.

“After three elections in Uttar Pradesh (2014, 2017 and 2019), if political pundits are unable to see the social, political and electoral messaging that the voters are indicating, then they are suited for the last century, not the 21st Century,” Modi said.

“The perception around us (BJP) has been vicious, sometimes even telling everyone that we are dangerous and we should be stayed from but India has shown that to political pundits and therefore there is no alternate of transparency and hard work for us,” he added.

Modi won the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat with a huge margin of 4.79 lakh votes, nearly 1 lakh votes more since 2014. Modi’s swearing in ceremony is due to took place on May 30, 2019.

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