Naxalism will end in next three to five years, surrender process is continuous: Rajnath Singh

On Thursday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that country will be free from Naxalism in next three to five years and urged Maoists to surrender under government’s rehabilitation policy and to join the mainstream.

During election campaign in Chhattisgarh Rajnath Singh told reporters, “Naxalism will end in next three to five years. The surrender process is continuous and the government has decided to make the rehabilitation policy more effective”.

Singh said that Congress has lost faith and credibility in the people and has lost its inherent strength that is why party is not declaring the Chief Ministerial candidate.

He said, “The Congress as well as all opposition political parties have been currently facing a crisis of credibility. The Congress has lost its inherent strength which is the base of any political party. This is the reason the Congress hasn’t so far announced its Chief Ministerial candidate (in Chhattisgarh)”.

He said, “The Congress recently launched its manifesto. What is the purpose of launching the manifesto when a political party has lost its faith in public and there is no credibility of its promises”.

Singh also appreciated the work done by Chief Minister Raman Singh in the state and said that people’s faith has increased in him.

He said, “I am saying it on the basis of reading the mood of people after the first phase of Assembly elections and attending three public meetings on Wednesday. Generally, credibility of crisis arises among people against any political party or the Chief Minister who work for long time. But there is a reverse impact in Chhattisgarh. Despite working for 15 years, people’s faith has increased for Raman Singh”.


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