Netanyahu to meet Putin soon to discuss Syria

On Sunday, October 7, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he will meet Russian President soon to discuss security coordination in Syria.

Netanyahu announced during his cabinet meeting that, “we agreed to meet soon to continue the important security coordination between our armed forces”.

He said, “Israel will constantly act to prevent Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria and transferring deadly weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon”.

Russia-Israel relations strained after downing of Russian IL-20 military aircraft, during an Israeli attack on Latakia port city of Syria, in which all 15 servicemen on board were killed. Russia blamed Israel for downing of the plane and Russian President Putin took a decision to deploy S-300 missile defence system to Syria.

On Tuesday, Russian defence minister, Sergei Shoigu told Putin during that delivery of S-300 missile system to Syria has been completed. Later on Thursday he said to Sputnik news agency that more steps will be taken after delivery of S-300 deployment.

On last Sunday, Shoigu said that Russia will electronically jam aircrafts that will attack targets in Syria.

On the deployment of S-300 system, Russia said that measure is taken for the safety and security of its servicemen in Syria. Shoigu said, “We are convinced that these measures will calm down some hotheads and keep them from careless actions which pose a threat to our troops”.

On Saturday, October 6, Israeli Intelligence website reported that US will provide more F-35 stealth aircrafts to Israel in response to Russia’s decision to deploy S-300 in Syria.

Earlier Israel cited Russia’s decision to deploy S-300 system in Syria as ‘irresponsible’ and vowed to continue its operations including air strikes in Syria. An Israeli officer accepted that deployment of S-300 to Syria will be a challenge to Israel.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton warned Russia that if Russia delivers S-300 to Syria then it will be a big mistake.

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