Obama administration was impotent about South China Sea: Donald Trump

On Wednesday, October 10, US President Donald Trump criticized previous ‘Obama’ administration and said that Obama administration was impotent about South China Sea that could not stop China from its increasing military influence in the area.

Trump said to reporters abroad Air Force One, “The Obama administration was impotent about South China Sea”.

Remarks from Trump came hours after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo briefed him about his recent trip to Beijing. Pompeo was in Beijing on Monday for talks on a series of issues including South China Sea, Taiwan, and trade war.

Trump said that China wanted to get him a message but it didn’t work and they treated Pompeo with a great respect, when he was asked if he is concerned the way China treated Secretary Pompeo during his visit to Beijing.

Trump said, “They are just trying to get me a message. But those didn’t work. They don’t work. But no, I think they treated him with great respect, actually. You know, they had meeting besides just the news conference. And I think they treated him with great respect”.

He added, “It wasn’t so much, I guess he was giving them a message, and they were giving him a message to come back to me”.

Earlier, State Department spokesperson, Heather Nauert said to reporters that US and China has complex relationship and has areas of common interest. She said that Pompeo had good and constructive meeting with Chinese counterpart during his visit to Washington.

She said, “They are certainly a competitor. It’s a complex and broad-based relationship that we have with China, as you all saw in the comments and exchanges between the secretary and his counterparts”.

She added, “We have areas of common interest and North Korea is one of them. Working to combat illegal narcotics is another area where we work well together. We also have areas of disagreement and areas where we have challenges, and we will keep working together on that. It is obviously an important relationship that we need to work hard to maintain”.

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