Only Modi govt can give befitting reply to Pakistan: Amit Shah

Addressing a “Vijay Sankalp” rally, Amit Shah said Sunday that the alliance led by opposition parties cannot secure the country and only a Modi-led BJP government can do so. It was the first rally after the Lok Sabha poll schedule was announced on March 10,

“I want to ask Congress as to who are they aiming to help by raising questions over air-strikes. Congress should not play with the security of the country for vote bank politics. The leaders of the coalition cannot assure security of the country. It is only BJP and its leader Prime Minister Modi who can assure the security of the country,” said Shah while addressing the crowd present.

Congress has accused the BJP government and leader of politicising the Balakot airstrike time and again.

Talking about the recent airstrikes Pakistan, he said, “Previously there were only two countries – the US and Israel which would avenge the deaths of their soldiers. Prime Minister Modi has added the country’s name also to that list.”

The BJP leader went on to take a dig at opposition saying that “there was Sonia-Manmohan government in the country for 10 years. For 20 years in the state (UP), there was a government of aunt and nephew. However, for all these years they did nothing other than corruption. They did corruption and scams of over Rs 12 lakh crore.”

“People should choose a Prime Minister who prioritises the welfare of the poor of the country. The Prime Minister should be elected for the security of the country. The Prime Minister must be elected to eliminate terrorism from the country. The Prime Minister should be able to give befitting reply to Pakistan,” he added.

Launching an attack on the leaders of the ‘grand alliance’, Shah further said that, “Mayawati wants that Modi should be removed but says she wouldn’t contest elections. Same is with Akhilesh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, N Chandrababu Naidu, MK Stalin and Sharad Pawar. They don’t want to fight the elections and are seeing the dream of removing Prime Minister Modi. They do not have a candidate for the Prime Minister’s post.”

“On the one side Prime Minister Modi is taking the country ahead with development whereas on the other side there is a coalition of those who have self-serving intent of corruption and power,” he continued to say.


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