Outcome of assembly polls not mandate against Modi govt: Union minister

With election trends showing reverses for the BJP, Union minister Shripad Naik, on Tuesday, said that the outcome of assembly polls in five states is dependent on “local factors” and it is not a verdict on the performance of the Narendra Modi government.

Meanwhile, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the polls were fought on the basis of the performance of state governments, rejecting the notion that the results would be a reflection on the Modi government. He also pointed out the Congress-led grand alliance was heading to a “huge defeat” in Telangana, where the TRS appears set to retain to power with a big majority.

This is not a mandate against Narendra Modi-led government but it is due to the local factors that the results have come out this way”, Naik, the MP from North Goa, told over phone from Delhi.

When asked if popularity of the BJP is on slide, Naik said, “In democracy, you will always have ups and downs. All parties face it. Some years ago, we (BJP) were nowhere but are in power at Centre now”. He also said that the anti-incumbency factor seems inevitable in states where governments have been in power for three-four terms.

“But there are some things which needs to be introspective. We need to accept the verdict of the people in a democracy. The BJP has accepted the verdict”, the AYUSH minister said. He said the BJP will have to introspect and find out reasons for “certain failures”.

As per trends, the Congress was ahead of the ruling BJP in Chhattisgarh and has an edge over it in Rajasthan. Both parties were locked in a neck and neck race in Madhya Pradesh while the Congress appeared to be losing power in Mizoram to Mizo National Front.


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