Pakistan and China want to destroy Indian Army by demolishing the youth using drugs: Amarinder Singh

On Saturday, October 6, Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh said that Pakistan and China are working on a long term strategy to destroy Indian Army by smuggling large quantity drugs to demolish the youth along the border.

Singh was speaking at HT Leadership Summit 2018 in New Delhi, where he said, “Two-thirds of the Indian Army regiments come from north India. If China and Pakistan can destroy the youth of the northern belt, where will the Indian Army go? If the youth of the north are not healthy, what will happen? We have to look at that”.

Singh said that 500 kg heroin was seized in Punjab, 80 kg heroin was seized from Jammu in last one year and three weeks ago 300 kg heroin was seized from Mandvi port that was bound for Amritsar. He said, this shows that Pakistan is smuggling the drugs for border areas to demolish the youth.

Singh said, “What is the intention of Pakistan? Three weeks ago, 300 kg came to Mandvi port. If you want to sell it, then sell it in Mumbai or Delhi. It is more lucrative. Why is Amritsar your target?”

He said, “What does this show? This shows drugs are being deliberately pushed by Pakistan into Punjab as part of a long-term strategy. The idea is to make all youngsters along the north belt bordering Pakistan an addict”.

Singh said that his government in the state is taking strict actions against drug traffickers, but this is an ongoing battle. He said that before heroin was available in Punjab for Rs 1200 per gram now its rate has gone up to Rs 6000 per gram.


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