Pakistan Can Do Anything to Get Money, Says Bipin Rawat on Imran-Trump Meeting

Army chief General Bipin Rawat on Thursday said Pakistan would have to “take back bodies” if it dares to infiltrate again.

On the 20th anniversary of India’s victory over Pakistan in Kargil, General Rawat said, “there is a difference between talk and action”. He said, Khan’s promises in Washington should be seen in the context of his country’s present economic condition.

Alerting Pakistan to not “attempt any misadventure”, Rawat said, “Infiltration has come down because of our troops sitting alert at the border. Pakistan knows that if it’ll infiltrate, all they have to do is come back and take mortal remains.”

“You know in what condition Pakistan is passing through. Who gives direction and orders there? Now their financial condition is in strains. So they will be prepared to do anything, so that they get money. Once they get money, they will do what they have been doing all this while”, said General Rawat.

The army chief said that the Indian Army was dragged into the 1999 Kargil war, which lasted over two months and cost the lives of 527 Indian soldiers.

“We were compelled to undertake to throw back those Pakistani intruders, who had adopted the misadventure of occupying the heights around Drass area, Kargil, Batalik and Turtuk”, the general said.

The Pakistani prime minister’s US visit was reportedly made to repair relations that had been dented by Washington’s impatience with Islamabad to reign in terror groups operating from its territory.

The Trump administration withdrew $300 million in military aid to Pakistan in September last year, as it had not done enough to crack down militants.

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