Pakistan could lose conventional war with India : Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again raised the issue of a nuclear stand with India over the government’s decision to abolish the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.  Imran Khan has said there was no question of talking to New Delhi after India revoked the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, while warning about the possibility of a conventional war with India that could go beyond the subcontinent.

“So that’s why we have approached the United Nations, we are approaching every international forum, that they must act right now,” he said in an interview to the Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV channel.

“If say Pakistan, God forbid, we are fighting a conventional war, we are losing, and if a country is stuck between the choice: either you surrender or you fight ’til death for your freedom, I know Pakistanis will fight to death for their freedom. So when a nuclear-armed country fights to the end, to the death, it has consequences,” the prime minister said.

He had also warned the world community, if it fails to pay attention to India’s nuclear arsenal, it would be responsible for the “catastrophic aftermath”. “I have informed the world that Pakistan does not want war, but at the same time, Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to the challenges posed to its security and integrity,” Khan had said.

Tensions between India and Pakistan have started since the government repealed Article 370 that granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir and bifurcated the state into two UTs — J&K and Ladakh.

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