Pakistan Minister bills Israel enemy No 1 of Pakistan

Pakistan Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan billed Israel as enemy No 1 of Pakistan, asserting there could be no question at all of recognising it.

“We will never recognize Israel. Israel is Pakistan’s number one enemy,” said Khan in a public session in parliament on Thursday.

“The Pakistani people will strongly resist those who will even talk of having friendship with Israel. Whosoever, talks about forging friendship with Israel, he should be thrown into the River Indus,” the minister stressed.

Khan’s comments come in response to recent comments made by Pakistan’s former military ruler, Pervez Musharraf. The self-exiled Musharraf while speaking at a news conference in the Emirati city of Dubai, had called for a strengthening of Islamabad’s relations with the Tel Aviv regime in a bid to counter Pakistan’s arch-rival India.

Minister Khan noted that all Pakistanis were united against Israel, with which India had nexus to commit aggression against Pakistan. He decried attempts by some to divide the nation by talking about Israel.

Regarding Senator Mushtaq’s concern that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had formally allowed Pakistani Jew Fishel Khalid to proceed to Israel, he said that the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi would make a statement in the House Friday.

Senator Mushtaq and Senator Abdul Rehman Malik wanted the foreign minister to make a statement in the House on India-Israel to undermine Pakistan’s sovereignty. Malik asked what the government doing with regards to the issue of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, carrying out Kashmiris massacre and hurling threats at Pakistan.

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