Pakistan wants normalization, co-existence with India: Qureshi

On Wednesday, October 3, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Pakistan wants normalization and co-existence with India and it is not making things wrong on Indian side of Kashmir.

Qureshi was speaking at an event of the US Institute of peace, a top American think tank. He said that Pakistan wants to resolve the outstanding issues with India through peace dialogue and mentioned that the Imran Khan led new government in Pakistan is ready to take steps towards peace talks.

He said, “it’s unfortunate. That’s the way it is… We want normalization. We want co-existence. You have got to recognize the reality. Pakistan is a reality. So is India. We have issues. How do we resolve them?”

Qureshi said, “They (Indian side) have to realize, and I think they were being simplistic, if they feel that everything that’s wrong on the Indian side of Kashmir is all of the Pakistan’s making, that is an unrealistic approach”.

He mentioned the remarks of Prime Minister Imran Khan from his first speech after taking the office, “Every step you (India) take towards peace, we will take two. And he meant it. It wasn’t just because it sounded good. It wasn’t to please anyone. He is too blunt a person to please people. He can be very straight and he can be very blunt. But he said that because he feels that way”.

When Qureshi was asked a question about India’s stand that terrorism and peace talks cannot go together, he mentioned Imran khan’s statement when he met PM Modi in New Delhi when he was leader of opposition.

He said quoting Khan’s statement, “there will always be spoilers. There will always be elements that will scuttle the process of peace. But when they do that, let re-engage to fight them. They will push us back. But we have to see what is in our interest, what is in the regional interest, what is in Pakistan’s interest”.


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