Peace, security and development in Asia are possible when India-China are developed: Nirmala Sitharaman

On Sunday, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that differences between India-China should not become dispute and peace, stability and development in Asia are possible only when India and China are developed.

Sitharaman was speaking on the theme ‘Towards Bridging the Indo-China Relationship for an Emerging Asia’. She said, “Competition is normal, but contest must not turn into conflict. Differences should not be allowed to become disputes”. She added, “Solution lies in dialogue, solution lies in peaceful engagement. But for this, mutual trust should be there”.

Sitharaman pointed towards trade deficit between India and China and said that there is requirement of some Indian goods in Chinese market but Chinese market has to be open for Indian products.

She said, “Trade between India and China is done in large scale amounting to USD 80-90 billion. But, sadly, we are purchasing from them in huge quantities. But, for our products, their market is not open”.

Sitharaman said, “We have several products like telecommunication, vegetables, tea, soya, raw sugar, pharmaceuticals etc in which China evinces keen interest”.

Defence minister emphasized that Asia will be developed only when India-China are developed and that is possible only when both nations have mutual trust.

She said, “Peace, security and development in Asia are possible when India and China are developed. Development of both the nations is possible only when there is mutual respect and understanding among the two countries”.

Sitharaman stressed that both countries should raise issues jointly at multi-lateral institutions for their benefits, “There are many multi-lateral institutions in the world like (the) UN, IMF, World Bank etc where representations from country like us with more population and demands are negligible. India and China should raise the issue jointly for mutual benefits”.

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