PM ensures parliamentary approval for triple talaq ordinance

PM Narendra Modi ensured that he will get the ordinance on criminalising triple talaq passed by the Parliament. The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights of Marriage) Ordinance, 2018 was promulgated on 19 September 2018.

“Three days ago, the Centre took a decision that was needed for years. The decision was on triple talaq. Nobody was ready to mention it and talk about the problem fearing loss of votes,” PM Modi said at a public meeting.

“When our government passed the triple talaq Bill in the Lok Sabha, attempts were made to stall it in Rajya Sabha. But now we are committed to saving our Muslim sisters and daughters from the ill practice. We have made the practice illegal by bringing in a new ordinance,” he said.

“It will be our constant endeavour to get the nod of Parliament on it”.

Since the NDA government does not enjoy majority in Rajya Sabha, it will prove to be a tough test to get the contentious bill passed in the upper house.

The opposition says that the government is trying to politicize the issue. It is also seen as failure of government to build consensus.

The AIMPLB said that a 3-year prison term for those who pronounce triple talaq would destroy families and ruin them economically. The AIMPLB’s women’s wing has demanded immediate withdrawal of the ordinance saying that Centre did not make any effort to reach out to Muslim groups before or during the framing of the ordinance.

The Ordinance makes declaration of talaq, in written or electronic form, to be void and a cognizable offence, attracting up to 3 years imprisonment with fine. A Muslim woman against whom talaq has been declared, is entitled to seek subsistence allowance from her husband for herself and for her dependent children. She is also entitled to seek custody of her minor children.

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