PM Modi urges countrymen to do something that benefit the poorest of the poor

On Sunday, September 30, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the countrymen to do the things that can benefit  the poorest of the poor. He suggested the countrymen to buy Khadi clothes and Handicrafts on special occasions.

During his ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme, PM Modi remembered Mahatma Gandhi and said that many great personalities derived strength from Gandhi ji to fight for people. He mentioned about Gandhi ji’s quality of engaging with people and his contribution for the betterment of poor people, and said that Gandhi ji’s mantra is very relevant today.

PM Modi said, “Everyone including great personalities like Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela derived strength from Gandhi ji’s ideology to be able to fight a long battle to ensure right of equality and dignity for the people”.

He said, “Revered Bapu, put forth his ideas on various subjects like Farmers, villages, securing of labour rights, cleanliness and promoting of education”.

He added, “Revered Babu was a people’s person. Getting connected with people or connecting people with him was Bapu’s special quality, this was in his nature. Everyone has experienced this as a most unique part of his personality. He made everyone feel that he or she was very important and absolutely necessary for the country”.

PM remembered one of Gandhi ji’s mantra in which Gandhiji said, “whenever you are in doubt or whenever your ego gets over your personality, undergo this test; remember the face of the poorest or the weakest person that you have seen, recall his looks and ask your inner self how useful your intended step would be for that person. Will this, in anyway, benefit him! Will he be able to get some control over his life and destiny through your step!”.

He added, “Gandhi ji’s mantra is very relevant event today. The swelling middle class of the country, its increasing economic power, increasing purchasing power; can we remember revered Bapu for a moment while going out for shopping! Can we remember that mantra of Bapu!” Can we spare a thought while purchasing anything as to who in my country will be benefitted by this purchase! Whose face will sport a smile! Who will be the fortunate one to get a direct or indirect benefit from your purchase!”

Prime Minister said that he will feel happy if his purchase will benefit the poorest of the poor.

PM further said, “We must make it a point to see that our purchase must benefit one of our countrymen and in that too, one who has put in physical labour, who has invested money, who has applied skill must get some benefit”.

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