PM Narendra Modi coins JAI for Japan-America-India, says it means success

Addressing the media after the first trilateral meeting with the US President Donald Trump and Japan PM Shinzo Abe, PM Modi called President Trump and PM Abe his good friends and said that both, the US and Japan are India’s strategic partners. “Japan, USA, India acronym is JAI, so Jai in India means success. This sends a good message,” he further added.

India, Japan and the US have agreed that a “free, open, inclusive and rules based” order is essential for the Indo-Pacific peace and prosperity. The meeting is considered important given the fact that China has adopted an aggressive posture in the Indo-Pacific region.

All three leaders discussed the importance of cooperation on issues related to connectivity, sustainable development, counterterrorism and maritime and cyber security.

“JAI (Japan, America, India) trilateral marks the coming together of three friendly nations. Today’s historic JAI meeting was a great beginning. PM @AbeShinzo, @POTUS and I held fruitful talks aimed at furthering connectivity, maritime cooperation and a stable Indo-Pacific,” Modi tweeted after the meeting.

“By having three of us working together, we’ll bring more prosperity and more stability in the region, as well as globally,” said the Japanese premier Shinzo Abe.

Appreciating India’s growth story during the meet, Trump said, “The relationships between our three countries is extremely good and extremely strong…with India, maybe stronger than ever…We are doing very well together. We are doing a lot of trade together. We are doing a lot of defence together, a lot of military purchases.”

Meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, major issues of global and multilateral interests were discussed.

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